Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Without fail, every spring, I end up stumbling into “springing forward”, society’s rush to spring and inept attempt to control time, I remember past springs. I think about one spring 11 years ago, a few months after a 9 year relationship ended, where my entire world shifted, turned upside down and I couldn’t seem to find solid ground. Anywhere. I felt completely lost. Even though I was doing what everyone said to find solid ground — meditate, exercise, practice yoga, eat good foods, find gratitude. 

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Flawed Selfie (kinda)

I am fascinated with how other people see me. I don’t even like this photo of myself, I see so many flaws. In these times of selfies and digital photography you can create a facade, a moment rather than be with the moment. Yesterday was the first time in 2 months I saw my sister and she takes this photo of me. This is how she sees me. It’s those moments of vulnerability that allow for belonging and connection.

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Too Heavy for this World

My heart is heavy enough without the constant barrage of 24 hour news cycle, people being pissed about this or that, the turbulent affairs of the world. I instead will consciously seek out good, beauty, humor, love, laughter. Life’s constant impetus to begin again. I will always look to the moon, the stars for the answers. The clouds hold the mystery of constant impermanence. Life mirrors the flow of the river, stillness at times, turbulent in others, but always a flow - even when not visible. I trust in nature’s intelligence, its ebb and flow. My heart is too heavy for this world.

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